Why HR?
  • Dr. Fikar has taken all Standardized Tests and scored perfectly. No other competitor can claim even one perfect score, let alone dozens. Because he continues to take Exams, he has a deep insight into their structure.
  • Dr. Fikar has had dozens of students who have scored perfectly on the SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests in Literature, Chemistry, Physics, and Math Levels 1 and 2.
  • Among his serious LSAT students, virtually all of them score a 170 or higher, and several of them score a 175 or higher.
  • Among his serious GMAT students, virtually all of them score a 700 or higher, and several of them score a 750 or higher.
  • At HR Test Prep, we understand and focus on what is most important for college admission; the SAT/ACT and then SAT Subject Tests/ AP Exams. While grades and activities are factors, their importance is widely over-estimated.
  • The SAT or ACT is BY FAR the most important factor in College Admission, much more important the grades or activities.
  • FACT: 4 years at Harvard or Yale will cost more than $400,000 all-in.
  • FACT: It is unrealistic to have a $400,000 budget for College but only a $5,000 Budget for SAT/ACT Prep.
  • FACT: Choice of School can increase lifetime earnings for your children by millions of dollars!