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Dr. Fikar has tutored and helped 15 or more students gain admission into each of these prestigious Colleges within the past 5 years!

* None of these schools are affiliated with, or endorse HR Test Prep or Dr. Fikar

A Word from the President

My results speak for themselves. My average SAT Student increases his/her score by over 300 points; no one else can make such a claim. I achieve the same results for ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and DAT students. While there will always be good Instructors out there, it is the results I achieve that make people utilize my services.

Changing students' lives by helping them achieve scores that open up doors of opportunity to them that they never dreamed possible has always been my #1 Priority.


I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Fikar. In just a few short months we were able to make a lot of progress with my standardized testing scores. I went from a 1390 PSAT with no tutoring to a 1550 SAT and a 1500 PSAT. I also earned a 35.25 on my ACT. His high price is well worth it as I know I would not have received the same quality of tutoring anywhere else. I feel much more comfortable testing now than I did before, and feel confident that I will also score well on my Math 2 SAT2 and that my ACT score will improve with more instruction. I also look forward to working with him during my application process, as his knowledge of it is more extensive than any other counselor I've spoken to. Dr. Fikar is unlike any other tutor and I am happy to continue to be his student.
Britni C.
Test Prep Services
We wanted to let you know that Evan did very well on the SAT and ACT taken Dec 3 and 10th. His SAT score went up 110 points and the ACT went up 6 points since his last exam and with less than 3 weeks of tutoring! I must be honest, quite a few educators advised me that this was not possible in the short time we had. I am glad we went with it. Although it was very expensive, quite expensive, you delivered the results. Our backs were to the wall and as his parents we felt we had no other choice than to give our son this last opportunity. My regret is that we did not enroll Evan in one of your long- term programs earlier in his academic career. Oh well. Rachel was great at getting back to me in setting up a schedule that worked around Evan’s school and work schedule. Thank goodness for Skype or this would have not been possible. Dr. Fikar you also instilled some confidence in Evan that was lacking since the poor results of his last set of exams. You really delivered the results you said were possible. Thank you again for taking on this last- minute assignment and providing Evan a much better opportunity of being accepted into the college he had hoped for. Thank you Dr. Fikar for working so well with Evan and for delivering excellent results. Best Regards, Deidre and Rick Dougherty
Deidre d.
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