HR Test Prep was founded by Dr. M. Fikar, the most successful Tutor/Coach of Standardized Tests in all of history. Among his serious students, virtually 100% score at or above 1550 on the SAT or 35 on the ACT, and gain admission to one of the “Big Four”: Harvard-Princeton-Yale-Stanford. His average student increases his/her score by 311 points (ACT 9 points), and each year several improve by 600-700 points; his all-time record is an increase of 610 points on the SAT. He himself has scored perfectly on the SAT more than 100 times, a record that no one can come close to challenging. He has also scored perfectly on the ACT, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, and GRE Exams. Note that the GRE is now accepted by both Harvard and Columbia Law Schools!


This Business exists for the Glorification of God. We practice Judeo-Christian Values, but embrace our many students who have different beliefs. We try always to uphold the Regal Commandment: Do onto to others as you would have them do onto you, as this fulfills the Law and the Prophets.



哈佛審查考試輔導是由M. Fikar博士,標準化測試,在所有歷史上最成功的導師/教練創辦。在他認真的學生,幾乎100%的得分等於或高於2300上的ACT SAT或35,並獲得錄取的“四巨頭”之一:哈佛普林斯頓耶魯斯坦福。他本人曾在SAT超過100次,這一紀錄無人能接近有挑戰性的得分完美


하버드 검토 시험 준비는 박사 M. Fikar, 역사의 모든 표준화 된 테스트의 가장 성공적인 교사 / 코치에 의해 설립되었다. 그의 진지한 학생들의 거의 100 % ACT의 SAT 또는 35에 2300 이상 득점하고, “빅 포”중 하나에 입학 얻을 : 하버드 – 프린스턴 – 예일 – 스탠포드. 그는 자신이 SAT 100 배 이상, 아무도 도전 올 수있는 가까운 기록에 완벽하게 기록했다.


ハーバードレビュー受験準備博士M. Fikar、歴史のすべてで標準化されたテストの最も成功した家庭教師/コーチによって設立されました。彼の深刻な学生の間で、実質的に100%の法に土または35に2300年またはそれ以上のスコア、および「四大」の1への入学ゲイン:ハーバード•プリンストン•イェール•スタンフォードを。彼自身は土100回以上、誰もが挑戦的に近づくことができない記録に完全に獲得している。


হার্ভার্ড রিভিউ টেস্ট প্রস্তুতি ডঃ এম Fikar, ইতিহাস সব স্বীকৃত পরীক্ষাগুলি সবচেয়ে সফল গৃহশিক্ষক / কোচ দ্বারা প্রতিষ্ঠিত হয়েছিল. তার গুরুতর ছাত্রদের মধ্যে কার্যত 100% একটি আইন উপর স্যাট বা 35 প্রথম 2300 এ অথবা উপরে স্কোর, এবং “বিগ চার” এক ভর্তি লাভ: হার্ভার্ড-প্রিন্সটন-ইয়েল-স্ট্যানফোর্ড. তিনি নিজেকে স্যাট আরো 100 বার, কোন এক চ্যালেঞ্জিং যাও বন্ধ আসতে পারেন যে একটি রেকর্ড নেভিগেশন পুরোপুরি রান করেছেন.

Though we send many students to Harvard, we are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Harvard University or the Harvard Law Review.


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